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Investment Philosophy

Strategic Growth

At our core, we embrace a strategic investment philosophy that centers on targeting value-add manufactured home communities. We identify properties with significant potential for improvement and implement thoughtful capital expenditures, enhancing both the properties’ value and the quality of life for our residents.

We hold these communities while continually expanding our portfolio. By doing so, we harness the power of appreciation, ensuring our investments not only thrive in the present but also prosper in the long term.

This approach underscores our dedication to sustainable growth, delivering enduring value to both our investors and the communities we serve.

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Why MHCs

Unlocking Potential

The MHC industry stands as one of the most fragmented sectors in commercial real estate. Current MHC companies predominantly target upscale, lifestyle communities, leaving a void in value-add, affordable options and resulting in minimal buyer competition.

We believe that the negative investor stigma once associated with MHCs has all-but-disappeared, resulting in a significantly more consolidated industry that will eventually see compressed cap rate spreads between MHCs and other property-types, further driving MHC pricing higher. By entering the market early, we position ourselves to benefit from heightened competition in the future.

In addition, manufactured home communities are resilient during economic downturns. Their inherent affordability makes them recession-proof, providing a stable investment avenue even in challenging financial climates.

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Investment Criteria

Target MHCs

  • Parks Priced Between $3M and $30M
  • 30 to 50+ Pads (Houses)
  • Homes 40 Years Old or Newer
  • Well-Maintained Parks
  • Within 10 Miles of Cities with 50K+ Population
  • Strong Nearby Home Values (>$200K)
  • Growing Community with Low Crime

Investment Process


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Identifying Target MHCs

Rigorous evaluation of our on- and off-market MHC databases, guided by stringent investment criteria.

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Acquiring MHCs

Collaborative negotiation with owners, providing inventive and flexible acquisition terms to create mutually beneficial outcomes.


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Strategic Capital Expenditures

Elevating investment value through purposeful community enhancements.

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Dedicated Asset Management

Vigilant community upkeep, demonstrating unwavering commitment to both tenants and investors.

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