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Infographic of US map with highlighted states

National Strategy

We seek value add communities located in competitive markets and desirable neighborhoods. With our proven operating procedures and management methods, we are poised to create impactful investments across the nation.


Photo of a boat on a lake

Summerwood MHC

Lafayette, LA

253 Pads
Photo of a river with trees

Canyon Creek

Bothell, WA

85 Pads
Photo of a corn field

Lakewood Villa

Kenmore, WA

53 Pads
Photo of a lake at sunset

Martha Lake

Lynwood, WA

131 Pads
Photo of a river with a mountain on the horizon

Flying Carpet MHC

Olympia, WA

58 Pads
Photo of a lake with sailboats

Poulsbo MHC

Poulsbo, WA

76 Pads
Phot of an open field with a farm and mountain in the distance

Crystal Mountain

Enumclaw, WA

129 Pads
Photo of a winding river

Miller Meadows MHC

Spanish Fork, UT

29 Pads
Photo of a small town

Foothills MHC

Fort Collins, CO

30 Pads
Photo of a small city skyline at sunset

Maple Grove MHC

Boise, ID

29 Pads
Photo of Timberland Mobile Estates

Timberlane Mobile Estates

Olympia, WA

60 Pads
Photo of community

Wine Country Villa

Prosser, WA

72 Pads